The bride died a few days after the wedding due to a doctor’s error

By | September 22, 2020
The bride died a few days after the wedding due to a doctor's error

Australian Ashley Simrage married her companion Jason Hale and died a few days later of cancer, writes the Daily Mail Australia.
According to the girl’s father, she was 20 years old when she found a lump on her leg three years ago. Initially, the therapist said it was a common wart, and the surgeon confirmed his findings. But none of them had done the necessary research. Only a year later, when the bump was bleeding, Ashley went to another doctor who biopsied her and told her it was a melanoma.
During this time, cancer has spread through the body and affected a number of vital organs. Prolonged treatment could not save the girl’s life. When doctors told Ashley that she had a few days left to live, she married the “love of her life” of Jason Hale.
After the ceremony, the girl was taken to the hospital, but soon she returned home to spend her last days with her family. A few days later, Ashley died.
Simrage’s family sued the doctors who had misdiagnosed her.