The British claim: 5G networks are to blame for the COVID-19 pandemic

The British claim: 5G networks are to blame for the COVID-19 pandemic

The fifth generation of mobile communications, currently being implemented in the world, is suspected of many long-term consequences that are dangerous for humans and wildlife. Conspiracy theories about the dual purpose of this revolutionary standard are multiplying. Recently, existing relay antennas in China were suspected of weakening the immunity of surrounding residents, which led to an outbreak of COVID-19.

Indeed, a powerful 5G network, one of the first in the world, appeared at the end of last year in Wuhan. China Telecom has installed ten thousand 5G base stations at airports, railway stations and other areas of the city. However, at the same time as Wuhan, this happened in a dozen other cities in China. On the basis of this, some conspiracy-minded citizens make far-reaching conclusions, and “serious” physicists and biologists laugh at them.

They laugh together with the signalmen and at the “backward” residents of several European and American cities-aspen (Colorado, USA), Bern (Switzerland), San Diego (California, USA) and Totnes (England), who went to mass rallies to protest against the “mobile revolution”.

Experts ironically or angrily refute the link mass death of birds in the fall of 2018 in the area of the Park Huygens in the Hague to test 5G network, held a few months earlier in a Park with only one tower. As well as other similar cases with an unexpected “price para” in different parts of the world, called “apocalipsis”. We remind you that these were observed before testing the fifth generation. To the inexplicable, but (of course!) scientists attribute episodes of “cow madness” on farms in the Netherlands or the madness of fish in a reservoir near Wuhan, which was noticed in February 2020, to cases that are not related to the work of 5G.

They were also afraid of the locomotive…
High-brow experts patiently, but with a touch of disgust explain to the dark inhabitants that the fifth generation is the next and inevitable stage in the development of mobile communications, where we are all waiting for a lot of: almost a hundred times faster Internet (up to 2 gigabits per second), a significant reduction in signal latency, energy efficiency, reliability of large-scale communication systems between devices (smart manufacturing, smart home, smart things), greater availability of communication. In advertising articles, especially gamers who will be able to play across continents freely in collective strategies, as well as movie fans who get the opportunity to download and watch their favorite movies online without stopping in seconds.

5G promoters-voluntary enthusiasts and paid agents of developer companies-kindly and humorously remind that the illiterate masses of people were just as afraid of the first generation of mobile communications as they are now of the fifth. And once they were afraid, they say, of the first locomotive, considering it a fiend from hell. In the “advanced” articles, we are breathlessly told about the” fantastic ” digital antenna arrays Massive MIMO, which are attached to hundreds of antennas that can receive and send an incredible number of signals simultaneously in all directions. That such multi-nationality will stick out on every street (the optimal distance cell antennas millimeter network of 100-200 meters from each other), and not in tall towers, like the former, and at any height, and their waves will go through all the people to fear, they say, do not: signal strength is many times lower than in the microwave that we all use. And the harmful effects of such millimeter waves are not proven by anyone, they say.

However, such arguments were not enough for the Belgian government, which last summer stopped the planned testing of a new communication standard under a contract with three operators. “I cannot approve any technology, whether it is 5G or not, if the radiation safety standards developed to protect citizens are not met,” said Belgian environment Minister Celine Fremaux. “The people of Brussels are not experimental animals whose health can be traded for profit,” she added.

Already this February, several Swiss cantons have imposed a moratorium on the operation of fifth-generation networks due to the risk to the health of citizens. The UK House of Commons also said there were “unintended consequences” of the 5g deployment. Similar alarming requests were made in the US Congress.

So far, the planned testing and deployment of the “five” in the United States and France have been suspended in the context of the coronavirus pandemic, where frequency auctions have been indefinitely postponed. But back in January 2019, at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the largest high-tech companies agreed to call 2020 the “year of 5G”.

At the end of last year, the fifth generation of mobile communications on a commercial basis was already available in 24 countries. And ahead of all was China with the Huawei concern at the head: this March, more than 160,000 towers in fifty cities were already operating in the Middle Kingdom.

By the end of 2020, according to the state program” Digital economy”, it was planned to launch a trial 5G network in major cities of the Russian Federation. And by 2025 – to entangle the whole of mother Russia with new networks. Last summer, the pilot network was tested on Tverskaya street in Moscow. Now, these plans have made significant adjustments. Starting with the fact that the “sweet” under “five” band 3,4–3,8 GHz the security Council of the Russian Federation, signed by President decided to leave for SCS remain the exclusive users of the defense Ministry and Roskosmos. Scheduled for this year, auctions of frequencies for 5G networks are likely to be canceled, and operators are invited to develop a new standard in their existing ranges, which today operate 2G, 3G, and 4G networks.

From Oncology to space weapons of mass destruction
Opponents of the hasty spread of 5G have grouped their arguments into a kind of catechism. It contains about 13 points with links to specific scientists. So, the Israeli physicist Paul Ben Ishai (Paul Ben Ishai), an employee of the Department of physics at Ariel University, conducted a study that found that 5g frequencies can interact with the structure of the skin, namely with the sweat glands, which themselves work like spiral antennas. The resulting impact is fraught with stress, headache, memory loss, and in the worst case, leads to cancer and a whole bunch of other diseases: from damage to the male seed to severe neurology, infertility, Parkinson’s disease.

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Dr. Martin L. Pall, a physician, and biochemist, Professor Emeritus at Washington State University, claims that the electromagnetic fields of mobile communication antennas have a negative impact on humans. He emphasizes that 5G does not emit continuous waves, as previously, but pulse waves that work in “start-stop” cycles many times a day, which is much more dangerous. Dr. pall writes: “It is not true that the effect of microwave frequency on the body is limited to a depth of one centimeter. These frequencies negatively affect the brain, heart, and hormonal system.” In particular, he discovered that EMFs activate the voltage-controlled calcium channels of cells, causing them to release calcium ions. This leads to the formation of nitric oxide and superoxide, which react to form peroxynitrite and free radicals, which damages human DNA. And these damages are passed down through the generations! Dr. pall States:

Deploying millions of 5G transmitters across the Earth without a serious study of their effects on the body is the craziest experiment on humanity.

Swedish oncologist Lennart Hardell from the university hospital in örebro studied the impact of previous generations of mobile communication technology on people.

After 25 years of use, the risk of glioma (brain tumor) is three times higher – now it is quite obvious,

– he stated, noting that the neoplasm develops mainly from the side from which the phone is applied to the ear.

It is symptomatic that major insurance companies such as Lloyd’s of London have refused to insure Big Wireless (an international telecommunications conglomerate of wireless companies) against illnesses and problems related to Wi-Fi and 5G. The Lloyd risk assessment report provides a powerful clue: the document compares these wireless technologies with asbestos. The fact is that previous studies of asbestos were “inconclusive”, but later it turned out that close contact with this material leads to cancer.

British experts in the field of weapons systems mark Steele (Mark Still) and at all claims that 5G is a weapon disguised as a consumer convenience. According to him, the new generation of communications resembles a system of long-range military radars with a phased array antenna, a dielectric lens, and a directed energy beam. These same frequencies, according to the expert, are used as non-lethal weapons to disperse the crowd. Mark Steele focuses on the frequency of 868 MHz, which can penetrate brick and concrete. He is sure that with this frequency, with sufficient power of the transmitter, it is possible to distinguish specific people from the space and to influence them point-by-point.

We will be covered by this radiation,

Steele says –

and the coverage area will be fundamentally wider than the current 4G, covering literally every square inch of the planet.

By the way, according to opponents of the new standard, not only people can suffer: insects and birds are most vulnerable to 5G due to their small body size. In the course of experiments, for example, it was noticed that new mobile communication technologies can disrupt the internal coordinate system of animals in space. Claire Edwards, an employee of The United Nations, at a regular meeting, brought to the attention of UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres the possibility of catastrophic consequences of large-scale deployment of 5G technologies without proper security testing. In response, Guterres, smiling in confusion, said that he did not know anything about it. At a rally in Stockholm against the introduction of the fifth-generation Edwards said:

Over the past 20 years, we have lost 80% of our insects. And after implementing 5G, we will lose 100% of the insects. When the insects disappear, we will also disappear.

She called for the united efforts of all sane people and appeal to the world’s governments with a Declaration “Stop 5G on Earth and in space”.

The option of space coverage of the Earth with free Internet Starlink was proposed in 2018 by the notorious Elon Musk. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has approved a project by his company SpaceX to launch 12,000 satellites into low Earth orbit, 60 of them already there. Other participants of this race planned to launch several thousand more devices under 5G in the near future.

For people who are not completely naive, it is clear that free cheese (Internet) is only in a mousetrap. The earth will be covered with a dense grid of focused millimeter radiation, the parameters of which can be easily changed from providing communication and distributing the Internet to “special tasks”. Although it is possible to observe and accurately track “everything that moves” from orbit without changing it. And this leads many observers to assume that 5G is part of a broader program to control and manage humanity using artificial intelligence (AI).

Stop, progress, you are beautiful!
Adherents of the rapid deployment of the “fifth generation” consider all these arguments empty, and those who put them forward are called cliches and enemies of progress. The zeal of signallers is clear: commercial and other returns from the system will come only with its mass global implementation. This will make the price of transmitting equipment and smartphones with such a modem attractive.

Proving the safety of the “five”, usually refer to the International Commission for protection from non-ionizing radiation (ICNIRP), which issued its verdict: “The frequencies on which 5G operates do not pose a threat to anyone, be it a person, a bird, or even an insect.” The key to this seems to be the international standard for electromagnetic field safety IEEE C95.1, released in 2005 and covering the spectrum of radio frequencies from 3 kHz to 300 GHz. They write that the research report attached to the standard analyzes in detail the various levels of exposure to this spectrum of waves on the human body and does not find any dangers.