The Bundeswehr responded to a request for the poisoning of Navalny

By | September 7, 2020

The Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology of the German Armed Forces (InstPharmToxBw) responded to RT’s request for additional information about the poisoning of blogger Alexei Navalny.
It is noted that it was the laboratory of this institute that allegedly found “Novichok” in Navalny’s body.
In response to the appeal of the TV channel, the institute said that the laboratory had managed to “indisputably” prove the presence of a chemical warfare agent in the blogger’s biomedical samples.
“However, for reasons of secrecy, we are unable to provide any additional information about the methods and procedures applied or any other details,” the institute said in its response.
The organization also refused to film InstPharmToxBw, as well as to record interviews with any of the employees.
Navalny was hospitalized on August 20 in Omsk after he became ill on the plane. In the course of examinations, the blogger was found to have a metabolic disorder, which caused a sharp drop in blood sugar. What caused it is not yet clear, but Russian experts did not find any poisons in the patient’s blood and urine.
Navalny’s family demanded to be transported to Germany. Russian doctors allowed this to be done as soon as the patient’s condition stabilized. After the blogger was hospitalized in a German clinic, the German government announced that he had been poisoned with a substance from the Novichok group of warfare agents. Moscow sent an official request to Berlin. There is no answer yet.
Russian prosecutors and police began conducting checks on the day Navalny was hospitalized. The Russian Embassy in Berlin said that they expect the German side to respond as quickly as possible to the request of the Prosecutor General’s Office of August 27 for legal assistance in the Navalny case.
On Monday, the Berlin clinic Charite reported that the blogger’s condition improved, he was taken out of a coma.