The cause of death of one in eight Europeans has been named

By | September 8, 2020
The cause of death of one in eight Europeans has been named

Environmental factors, including air pollution and abnormal heat, are one of the causes of deaths among the Population of the European Union. This is evidenced by the data published on the website of the European Commission.

One in eight Europeans (13 percent of all people in the region) die because of “poor environmental quality”. The report argues that there is a direct correlation between this factor and mortality. “These deaths can be avoided and their statistics can be significantly reduced through efforts to improve the quality of the environment,” the document says.

Thus, air pollution was called one of the most dangerous causes of deterioration of health: every year it leads to the death of 400,000 people. Prolonged exposure to hazardous substances in polluted air can cause diabetes, lung disease, and cancer. It is estimated that COVID-19 deaths among patients with pneumonia could also increase due to pollution.

On August 6, entrepreneur Bill Gates called the effects of air pollution as devastating as the coronavirus pandemic. He believes that in a few decades the global crisis associated with the environment will shake the planet.