The Chinese “confirmed” the rumors – Kim Jong-un died, and a double took his place

The Chinese

The Chinese “confirmed” rumors – Kim Jong-UN died, and his place was taken by double

“The operation was not on the heart. It was plastic and the replacement dictator to “Toy”,” write Chinese netizens.
After rumors of the death of North Korean dictator and his appearance in public 20 days after the “disappearance”, the media around the world began to closely monitor Inom.

Thus, it is obvious that the public appeared to double. Chinese media are actively discussing the double, comparing his appearance with the “original” Kim.
The Chinese "confirmed" the rumors - Kim Jong-un died, and a double took his place
Some of the photos, after the official heart surgery, a new much Kim has gained weight, compare the shape of the nose and the large mole on the face and hands, which unlikely can grow to such an extent in such a short period of time.

Among other things, changed the teeth — shape, color, location, point Chinese network users, that does not justify the dental intervention. Corny, things are no better, was also bad, but different. Some of the pictures did reach the point of absurdity — on a few pictures, the North Korean authorities tried to make for UN person, absolutely do not like him. It was more of a reincarnation of Kim Il-sung, than his grandson, say Chinese users.

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So the rumors are actually “confirmed”, but, of course, the North Korean authorities continue to dismiss and make excuses. Why?

It’s simple — if the death of Kim confirmed, and the obvious heir to power there, it could face either a coup or a war with China and South Korea, which according to some is already occupied the land border of the DPRK. In the West, over the General Secretary even joke — Putin handed Kim a medal because it’s actually a double agent, a KGB agent undercover, which was replaced by a violent and unrestrained dictator.