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The connection did not help: it became known what work Meghan Markle got

Ambitious dreams Meghan Markle become a real Hollywood star, it seems, will not come true. And now, as Harry and Megan, who announced his withdrawal from the Royal family, moving from 1 April to the mode of financial independence, the Duchess had to settle for less prestigious work. As it became known, she was asked to voice cartoons
That Megan will provide the opportunity to “donate” his voice to one of the secondary characters, told in an interview with the producer of “The Simpsons.” “I heard she’s looking for a job on “the voice”. So that we can offer her a job. And possibly Harry himself, if he wants!” — said, al Jean.

That Megan looking for a job in Hollywood, became known last summer. In July, when the premiere of a new version of “The Lion King” in London, reporters was able to eavesdrop and record the conversation of Prince Harry with an official film Studio Disney. Harry then tried to get a job for his wife. However, although it was reported that he was able to get her a number of contracts, their implementation is yet unheard of.

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Moreover, there were persistent rumors that Megan covets the lead role in one of the superhero projects, but this also did not work. They say all attempts to get Markle for such work were met with ridicule producers. She expressly stated that she was once just a TV star in a single episode and that “big movie” — not it’s level. Publicly their opinion on the matter sounded knowledgeable on Hollywood Joan Collins. When 85-year-old Collins asked what she thinks about the prospects of the film career of Megan, the actress responded by a laugh that a few moments could not speak. Finally, prolapses, Joan, not hiding irony, asked: “Career? Are you kidding?”

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