The Continental car has a three-dimensional dashboard

By | March 27, 2020
New technologies allow us to see simple and familiar things completely different

New technologies allow us to see simple and familiar things completely different. For example, a traditional instrument panel may well be three-dimensional. This was previously seen only in science fiction films, and now in the serial car Genesis GV80, manufactured by Continental.

The technology was developed for security reasons. Its implementation in the interior of an off-road car is presented as an autostereoscopic display, the zones of which are divided by parallax barriers. The system constantly monitors the driver’s gaze and adjusts their location so that the three-dimensional picture is optimal. At the same time, other people in the cabin do not see what the driver sees.

The developers were guided by the idea that in various critical situations while driving it is incredibly important to get visual information about the operating modes of the car and its components. For this, the pointers and indicators are made three-dimensional. They can “emerge” from the panel and be on top of other information, attracting maximum attention to themselves, which will quickly respond to their change.

An additional function of the new system will be monitoring the driver’s condition – it will notify that signs of fatigue are detected. The developers emphasize that their new three-dimensional panel is not intended for use in entertainment purposes.

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