The Council of Federation called Navalny’s nomination for the Nobel Prize a “crap”.

By | September 17, 2020

Western opponents of Russia may insist on the award of the Nobel Peace Prize to Alexei Navalny, trying to make the country “public caper” in every possible way, said Senator Oleg Morozov to TP on Thursday.
Navalny was nominated for the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize, Professor Sergei Erofeev of Rutgers University in the United States told Open Media. In addition, on Thursday, members of the European Parliament adopted a resolution calling for tougher sanctions against Russia after the incident with Navalny.
“I’m not sure that he will receive the award, although I don’t rule out such a turnaround. But this is funnier than that: many experts have been predicting such a development for several days now. That is, they had calculated the logic of absurdity in advance,” said the Russian parliamentarian.
The Council of Federation called Navalny's nomination for the Nobel Prize a
According to him, in addition to the situation with “turning into a dumpster of the prize itself, it is important to understand that there is no longer such public wickedness, which would not our foreign opponents in the name of their subversive tasks.
Navalny was hospitalized in Omsk on August 20 after he got sick on the plane. According to the results of examinations, Omsk doctors called a metabolic disorder, which caused a sharp change in blood sugar, the main diagnosis. It is still unclear what caused it, but according to Omsk doctors’ data, no poisons were found in Navalny’s blood and urine.
Later, Navalny was airlifted to Germany. After that, the German government claimed, citing the military doctors, that Navalny was allegedly poisoned with a substance from the group of poisonous warfare agents “Novichok. On Monday, the German Cabinet of Ministers said that the findings of German experts confirmed the laboratories of Sweden and France, while at the same time, at the request of Berlin, the OPCW is conducting its research. In this regard, the Kremlin said that Berlin had not informed Moscow about its findings, and the Russian Foreign Ministry stressed that Russia is waiting for a response from Germany to the official inquiry on this situation.
Navalny was nominated as a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize.
Even on the day of Navalny’s hospitalization, the prosecutor’s office and the police started their inspections. The Russian Embassy in Berlin said that they expect from the German side as soon as possible to respond to the request of the General Prosecutor’s Office of 27 August for legal assistance in the case of Navalny. SC RF had earlier sent a statement of Navalny’s supporters to the Western-Siberian department for verification that he had been allegedly attacked. Press-secretary of RF President Dmitry Peskov noted that de facto investigatory actions on the situation with Navalny were going on, if the presence of a toxic substance was confirmed, the investigation would be opened and de jure.
On September 7 Berlin Charite clinic reported that Navalny’s condition improved, he was taken out of the coma and disconnected from the IVL apparatus. On Tuesday, Navalny published his first photo after coming out of his coma and reported that he had been able to breathe on his own the whole day before.

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