The court denied Trump to ban the book of Bolton

By | June 20, 2020
The court denied trump to ban the book of Bolton

The judge ruled that the US government was unable to prove that the publication could do irreparable harm.

The request of the administration of the head of the White House, Donald Trump, to stop the publication of the memoirs of the ex-national security adviser John Bolton was rejected by a Washington court. About this writes the BBC.

The court made such a decision, since it was not proven that the publication would cause irreparable harm.

“An American judge rejected a request from the Trump administration to stop publishing memoirs of former national security adviser John Bolton,” the report said.

Judge Royce Lambert of the Washington District Court ruled that the US government “failed to prove that the publication could do irreparable harm.”

Bolton’s book, “The Room Where It Happened,” is due to be published on June 23. In it, Bolton talks about the motives of the US president in making decisions against the backdrop of a desire to win the election again.

Many statements are based on private conversations, their veracity cannot be verified.

Previously reported, Donald Trump stated that the book is “made up of lies and fake stories.”

At the same time, the White House on the eve explained why Donald Trump worked with Bolton.

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