The crew of the Russian trawler in the Norwegian port was found to have coronavirus.

By | October 7, 2020

Coronavirus infection was detected in 24 crew members of the Russian trawler “Obelay”, which is located in the port of the northern Norwegian city of Tromsø, said the NRK TV and radio company on Wednesday.
“24 people aboard the Russian trawler “Obelay” passed a positive test for coronavirus. The trawler stands at Breivik’s pier in Tromsø. On Wednesday in the commune of Trumsk doubled the number of tests, “- said in the message.

It is noted that there are 34 people on board the trawler, and the ship is under quarantine. It arrived in Tromsø on Monday night, on Tuesday all were tested, and in the same evening 20 of them were positive, by Wednesday morning the number of infected reached 24 people.
According to the TV company, the infected sailors will be taken to the former nursing home for observation, there will be medical personnel from the commune. Since the team was originally forbidden to go ashore, the commune authorities believe that there is no danger to the population.