The criminal case does not threaten Obama and Biden – US Attorney General

By | May 19, 2020
The criminal case does not threaten Obama and Biden - US Attorney General

Barack Obama or Joe Biden can hardly face criminal prosecution after finding out all the details of the “Russian case,” said US Attorney General William Barr.

Thus, the plans of Donald Trump, who actively criticized his predecessor for the “biggest crime” in the history of the country, the evidence of which he never provided, were violated. At the same time, the US president took Barr’s words as a manifestation of a policy of double standards and reiterated that Obama “knew everything.”

US Attorney General William Barr has doubts about starting a criminal investigation against former US President Barack Obama and Democrats Joe Biden after finding out the origins of the “Russian case”. On behalf of the head of the US Justice Department, federal prosecutor John Durham is investigating the start of an investigation into “Russian interference” in US elections.

He is faced with the task of understanding whether there were reasons for starting the proceedings on the part of the FBI in 2016, which was subsequently continued by special prosecutor Robert Muller.

Durham began executing Barr’s order last year, focusing his attention on the original FBI case and trying to find out if it was legal or appeared as a result of political pressure.

As Barr explained, there is currently no focus on Obama or Biden, but Durham will check the possible involvement of other officials in illegal actions during the “Russian case”.

“Whatever their (Obama and Biden’s) level of involvement, based on the level of information that I have today, I do not expect Mr. Durham’s work to lead to a criminal investigation into any of them,” Barr explained.

The US Attorney General’s statement came amid a scandal called Obamageit, which the US leader Donald Trump has often talked about recently. The incumbent president accuses his predecessor of the “biggest crime in history,” linking him to the start of the “Russian intervention” case, a trumped-up “witch hunt” from Trump’s point of view.

Barr’s words about the unlikely launch of cases against Obama and Biden have surprised the US president. According to Trump, the ex-head of the White House and his team were “aware of everything.”

“I think this is a manifestation of double standards. If I were in their place (Obama and Biden), they would have done it (started an investigation), ”the head of the White House emphasized.

Attention switching
However, Trump once again did not explain what exactly his predecessor was aware of along with his vice president. From the very beginning of the mention of Obamageit, the US president speaks of the crimes of his rivals but refuses to provide any evidence for these allegations.

The lack of specificity makes the American media actually wonder what exactly can be discussed. This plays into Trump’s favor, CNN writes, since the true motive for the attack on Obama and Biden is to divert attention from what is happening in the United States.

In support of its theory, the channel recalls the rather difficult situation in which the country found itself due to the consequences of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. And this is partly to blame for the current president of the United States. The main problems of the channel’s analysts are associated with the belated reaction of the authorities to the spread of the disease, due to the denial of the threat at an early stage. At the beginning of the epidemic, Trump called “warning” experts warning about the virus, as it turned out, in order to create a positive image for Americans.

Now, the United States takes first place in the world in the number of detected cases of coronavirus and mortality. More than 1.5 million people have become ill in the country, and more than 92 thousand people have died.

The Obamageit news story appeared when mortality exceeded the 80,000 marks, and various media outlets reported major problems in the US healthcare system and the transition of the economy into a recession. By launching negative rhetoric regarding Obama, Trump created a new trend, and at least Fox News, loyal to him, seized on this story.

biden son

Revenge or election?
The second reason for Trump’s sharp attacks on his predecessor is often called Obama’s special interest in the case of retired Lieutenant General Michael Flynn. In early May, the Justice Department decided to terminate the investigation against the ex-adviser to Trump, who admitted to giving the FBI false evidence and was partially connected with the “Russian case”.

The White House appreciated this event positively and pointed to new facts in the case of the lieutenant-general – prosecutors concluded that the FBI had no legal grounds to start the proceedings.

However, Obama did not see anything positive in this and openly stated that he doubted the decision of the Justice Ministry, as this could create a threat to maintaining the rule of law in the United States. At the same time, the ex-president criticized the actions of the Trump administration, dubbing them a “chaotic mess”, which caused outrage from the current American leader.

At the same time, Trump’s criticism of Obama as a whole can not be called anything new

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