The date of the coronavirus vaccine has been announced

The first vaccine against the new Chinese coronavirus COVID-2019 may appear in 18 months.

The World Health Organization predicts the first effective vaccine for the new Chinese coronavirus COVID-2019 no earlier than 18 months. WHO chief, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, made a statement on Tuesday, 11 February.

“Today we need to use all means to resist a new type of coronavirus. Because the first vaccine can only be ready in 18 months,” he said.

Recall, according to the latest data, in China the number of victims of coronavirus exceeded 1000, infected more than 42,000 people. Chinese experts expect the outbreak of the new coronavirus to end in April.

At the end of January, a meeting of the WHO emergency committee was held, at which the outbreak of a new coronavirus in China was recognized as an emergency of international importance.

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