The death of a black man in the United States: a lawyer announced a new case of brutality of cops

By | June 7, 2020
The death of a black man in the United States: a lawyer announced a new case of brutality of cops

Another case of police brutality occurred in Chicago when law enforcement officers grabbed a girl by the hair.

An attorney for the family of a dead African American, George Floyd, spoke about the incident in Chicago with the police when the cops allegedly pulled a black woman by the hair out of a car and pressed her knee to her neck.

“It’s just shameful!” Crump wrote on Twitter, posting a video from the scene of the incident in Chicago earlier on American TV.

According to the local edition of the Chicago Tribune, we are talking about the detention of 25-year-old Mia Wright.

Together with family and friends, she went to a shopping center, which was closed.

According to CBS, law enforcement authorities suspected Wright and her company of robbery.

In the parking lot, according to the girl, her car was surrounded by police officers who began to beat the glass with batons and then pulled her out of the car by the hair.

As Wright said, a police officer knocked her to the ground, and then stepped on her knee on her neck. At the same time, the girl noted that she wanted to get out of the car with her hands up.

“I was thinking only about George Floyd, it could be another similar situation,” the girl’s words are quoted in the publication.

The newspaper notes that after the incident, two policemen were released from office, while Wright herself was accused of violating public order. The girl’s lawyer demanded that charges be dropped from her.

The Cook County Prosecutor’s office noted that they are aware of the incident and are conducting an audit, including regarding the actions of the police.

As you know, in the United States at the hands of the police killed an African American George Floyd, to whom an officer pressed his neck with his knee during his arrest.

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