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The death of an African American in the United States: the wife of a cop filed for divorce

The death of an African American in the United States: the wife of a cop filed for divorce

The woman asks to ensure she and her relative’s safety during the riots. Derek Chauvin himself was taken into custody.
The wife of the American policeman Derek Chauvin, because of whose actions George Floyd died during the detention, which led to mass protests across the country, filed for divorce. This was reported on Saturday, May 30, with reference to the woman’s lawyer, by the CBS channel in Minnesota. “She (Kelly Chauvin) is depressed by the death of Mr. Floyd and condoles with his family, relatives, and everyone who mournes today in connection with this tragedy. He filed for divorce from Derek Chauvin, “the lawyer said.

The ex-policeman’s wife also asks her and her relatives to be safe during the riots that started in the state due to the detention incident.

At the same time, a lawyer for the family of the deceased published preliminary autopsy results conducted by forensic experts at the Hennepin County in Minnesota.
According to them, the cause of Floyd’s death was not choking, despite the fact that his neck was clamped for at least eight minutes, but, probably, the totality of the fact that he was detained, his health problems and, probably, the content of intoxicating substances in the body. What the family strongly disagrees with. Due to the fact that preliminary results in the report of the medical examiner of the Hennepin County do not provide details of the effect of the deliberate use of force on Floyd’s neck and the extent of Floyd’s suffering at the hands of the police, the family decided to hire an independent medical examiner to conduct an autopsy, ” The lawyer Benjamin Cramp said on Twitter.
“We are not surprised, but terribly upset by the preliminary results of the autopsy that the medical examiner presented today. We hope that this does not reflect an attempt to create a false story about the causes of George Floyd’s death,” the report said.
Two experts will be involved in an independent autopsy and will be held in Minneapolis within a few days. The autopsy results will be published, the report said.
Recall, the four police officers who detained Floyd were fired. One of them – Derek Chovin – was taken into custody, charged with manslaughter.
After the death of men, protests broke out in a number of cities, which grew into riots. The authorities of some cities and states introduced a state of emergency and involved the National Guard.

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