The death of George Floyd: another police witness testifies

The death of George Floyd: another police witness testifies

Sergeant Ker Young oversees Crisis Training for Minneapolis Police

At the trial of former police officer Derek Chauvin, who is charged with the murder of African American George Floyd, a police officer who coordinates the training of Minneapolis police officers in crisis situations gives testimony on Tuesday.

According to Sergeant Ker Young, Chauvin completed the prescribed 40 hours of training, where the police were explained how to deal with suspects who are going through a crisis.

According to Young, in such situations, it is recommended to be guided by the principles of neutrality, respect, and trust.
The death of George Floyd: another police witness testifies
Chauvin, accused of murder and manslaughter, does not admit his guilt, insisting that he did only what he was trained to do in 19 years of police service.

On Tuesday, Judge Peter Cahill also heard arguments on the motion of friend Floyd Morris Hall, who asked to block the summons sent by prosecutors to testify.

Hall was in the car with Floyd before the police arrived. He stated that if forced to testify, he would exercise his constitutional right not to testify against himself.

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Chauvin’s lawyer Eric Nelson told the judge that he plans to ask Hall if he gave Floyd any illegal substances and why he left Minnesota immediately after the incident.

Last week, Floyd’s girlfriend Courtney Ross testified that they both struggled with opioid addiction. She suggested that Hall sometimes illegally sold the pills to Floyd.

Minneapolis Police Chief Media Arradondo spoke in court on Monday, saying he did not consider Chauvin’s actions “an appropriate use of force.” In his opinion, the policeman should have loosened his grip and provided the man with first aid.