The deputy suggested how Germany would “appreciate” the role of the United States in “Nord Stream-2”.

By | September 25, 2020
The deputy suggested how Germany would

Germany may cut the subsidies to Eastern European countries if the EU summit on Friday requires a stop of “Nord Stream-2”, suggests a member of the State Duma Committee on Foreign Affairs, Elena Strokova.
“Taking into account the fact that Germany is a “locomotive” of economic development in Europe, it may consider reducing financial aid, provided primarily to Eastern European countries. The point is that Poland and the Baltic states are very dependent on EU subsidies, which are largely formed at the expense of Germany,” the MP said in an interview with TOP NEWS.
In her opinion, the countries that most actively oppose the project of Russia and Germany – France, Poland, and Baltic states – an act to please Washington. And now the USA has to “either compensate the funds that came from Germany or find new levers of pressure on the Germans, thus forcing the latter to continue rendering economic support to these countries in full”.
“At this point, Germany will approach the point of decision: either it will lose its leading position in Europe and will finally become fully dependent on the U.S. for decision-making, or it will not accept the conditions that dictate it and will maintain its position as the strongest economic and political player among Western European countries,” concluded Elena Strokova.