The diary indicated the possible location of Nazi gold

By | May 30, 2020
The diary indicated the possible location of Nazi gold

Became known, the whereabouts of the Golden treasure 1.54 billion in gold hidden by the Nazis in 1945 by the Red Army.
This publication reports The First News, citing the head of the German-Polish Foundation “Silesian bridge” Novel Furmanka.
Furmaniak relies on donated Fund, the diary of an SS officer. It lists 11 places in Lower Silesia and Opole.
According to experts, the Golden treasure hid in the Palace Hochberg in Lower Silesia (about 40 km from the border with the Czech Republic. There, during the offensive of the red army, the Nazis removed the treasure from Breslau

Gold worth billions of euros and other valuables is at the bottom of an abandoned 60-foot well on the Palace grounds. It was filled with explosions. The Nazis killed and workers opustevshij wealth into the well. It is likely that their corpses lie on the bottom.
It is reported that in other places described in the diary, kept religious artifacts collected by the Ahnenerbe, and stolen works of art from all over Europe. Perhaps, among them — “portrait of a young man” by Raphael.

The existence of a military diary, which led the SS, it became known in March last year. “Silesian bridge” declared that he had received a diary from partners in Germany.
The alleged hiding place in the Palace Hochberg — not news to historians. The Palace was listed in the “List of Grundman” with 74 secret stores of the treasure of the Nazis. After the war, the experts of the USSR and parm checked these places, but the treasure is not found.
Diary associated with the name of standartenführer Egon Ollenhauer. However, in the military archives, there is no information on this member of the SS.
Earlier, the Rambler reported that 4 tons of gold the Nazis discovered on the sunken ship off the coast of Iceland.

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