The dog set fire to the house by turning on the microwave

The dog set fire to the house by turning on the microwave

Left at home, a husky dog accidentally turned on the microwave with food.
In England, a dog set fire to a house by turning on a microwave. The incident was reported by the Air Force.

The incident took place at Stanford-le-Hop, Essex. The owners left the husky dog at home.

It is not known how the dog turned on the microwave. At the same time, the device was a pack of buns. The packaging from the products caught fire and the fire started.

The owner and emergency services learned about the fire in time thanks to a mobile app with a fire alert function. Firefighters who arrived at the scene found a heavily smoked kitchen. The fire did not have time to spread to other rooms.

The dog was not injured in the fire. Experts called the incident a “very strange case” and advised to keep a closer eye on your pets, as well as not to leave anything in the microwaves.

The day before it was reported that the Chihuahua “hijacked” the car of the owners and went to the gas station. The correspondent also wrote that under Dnipro the goat-headed a pack of dogs.

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