Due to Brexit Problems, Theresa may announce her intention to resign on June 7. This was reported on the blog of Rand Corporation, one of the analytical centers of the modern American political elite.

The author of the article Charles P. Ries claims that the victory of Brexit supporters in the referendum was unexpected for them. And the protracted conflict of supporters and opponents of the exit in the British government was due solely to the fact that the parties could not overcome the differences.

This is not true, because, before the referendum, a meeting of the main financial families of the world was held in London, where, like the Convention of Lieutenant Schmidt’s children, the spheres of feeding were agreed, and the decision on a positive outcome of the referendum was adopted and lowered to execution.

After that, allegedly committed unexpectedly for the initiators of Brexit, a winning majority was obtained with a result of more than 51 percent, and violations in which Russia is accused of the so-called “party of power” in Britain look just innocent children’s games in the sandbox. Nevertheless, the result was given. This is a managed democracy in the British way.

Like any decision taken in the old Soviet backstage style “we have conferred here and there is an opinion to ensure the majority”, the execution of which was entrusted to the unfortunate party functionary Theresa may, the decision on Brexit gave rise to confusion in the vanguard of the British ruling class, consisting of different groups of interests, which again turned out to be inconsistent.

Those who spoke in favor of Brexit, took a position where the conflict between the two settings: a) “Minimum freedom of trade” – protectionism anti-globalization orientation and the desire for liberation from the EU trade rules and b) “Maximum freedom of trade” – exclusive bilateral relations between Britain and the EU and the elimination of the Customs Union, which immediately objected to Northern Ireland.

Lenin would call this a typical crisis of capitalism entangled in its contradictions. And this would be a fair and accurate assessment, for even the vaunted system of British rules for reconciling the interests of different groups of the bourgeoisie, in this case, was powerless.

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The dialectical conflict of opposites in the form of globalism and localization has reached such a degree of interpenetration of categories that the removal of contradictions in the form of synthesis of thesis and antithesis has become impossible. Instead, the parties began to demand the destruction of each other. In principle, this is how world wars begin in the system of world capitalism.

The split in the British Parliament is due to insufficient explanatory work, and the collapse of Theresa may – her desire to protect the tories from split and imposing a unified position. This is how RAND analysts explain to their American audience what happened in Britain.

However, this explanation is in the style of “the wind blows because the trees swing”, whose task is not to reveal the secret springs of the conflict of group interests, but to disguise them. After all, within the framework of the system of capitalism with the Anglo-Saxon face, this conflict is insoluble in principle. Rand, the main mouthpiece of capitalism, cannot say such a thing about the system that brought this Corporation to the top of possible prosperity.

The transformation of RAND from analyst to propagandist makes the Corporation similar to the Ideological Department of the CPSU Central Committee of the period of Mature stagnation – with a similar perspective in the form of loss of trust and transformation into the scenery that causes irritation and skepticism. To explain major systemic conflicts by the neglect of individual politicians is not just a profanation, it is a manifestation of analytical and intellectual impotence. But, as comrade Stalin said in a similar situation: “I have no Other writers for you.”

It turned out that Northern Ireland became a Trojan horse in the British Empire, its fifth column. As Charles P. Ries noted, Dublin put on Brussels and may take away from the European direction strong diplomatic personnel. And that’s kind of her mistake. In fact, it is the fault of Charles P. Ries, and Theresa may did what she was instructed – to withdraw the country from the beginning of the absorption of Britain in Europe.

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Britain’s exit from the EU resembles tourists who escaped from the thorns: leaving pieces of clothing and meat on the thorns, bleeding, they left the trap, even at the cost of getting to the hospital.

The US itself is experiencing an absolutely similar crisis, the mention of which for RAND is the same taboo as the mention in the house of the hanged about the rope. It is from here that the question is reduced to profanity and absurdity. The insoluble conflict of globalism and localization, which grew up in the depths of the capitalist system, is more likely to plunge the world into the abyss of the Third World war than to find its solution by the means that are ripe in the depths of this system just to resolve such conflicts.

In such circumstances, emigration to England is like moving closer to the mouth of the awakened volcano. Closer to the epicenter of the future earthquake. This happens to those who experience failure in orientation in magnetic fields.

From the point of view of the theory of evolution, such types are rejected by the system of natural selection and should not multiply, so as not to pass on to posterity skills that are not conducive to survival. And Theresa May, in this case, performs the function of a Pied Piper, leading to oblivion degenerate and degraded groups of primates.

When future historians of the Apocalypse will look for its origins, they will come to Brexit, where the image of Theresa may be something in between the image of Moses and Ivan Susanin. And only Darwin will grin from his portraits, realizing that in fact may is the final link in the dead-end evolution of the species that have not passed natural selection. The British Apocalypse began with Brexit. Pompey, too, not immediately appreciated awakening Vesuvius. But what a picture it is written!