The European Union will allocate Romania €900 million for the motorway through the Carpathians

By | September 3, 2020
The European Union will allocate Romania €900 million for the motorway through the Carpathians

The first motorway will connect the Black Sea and the Hungarian border. The construction is expected to be completed in 2026.
875.5 million euros will be allocated for the construction of the first highway through the Carpathians of Romania. This decision was agreed by the European Commission on Thursday, September 3.

The money is earmarked for the first section of Sibiu Piteshti in central Romania – part of the road that will become the first motorway through the Romanian Carpathians and will provide service through the entire Romanian territory from the port of Constanta on the Black Sea to Ndelac on the Hungarian border.

The project is part of the pan-European infrastructure project Trans-European transport networks.

“This project will solve a serious problem with Romania’s transport network. It will improve security, reduce travel times, and reduce the cost of travel for passengers and cargo transportation,” said European Commissioner Eliza Ferreira.

At the same time, the construction is planned to be completed in 2026. In addition, the European Commission has agreed to allocate 578.4 million euros to Romania to improve the emergency response mechanism, which involves the purchase of equipment and training of emergency services specialists. However, the section of the road, built for 50 million, is still a dead end, as the conventions themselves are not made.

It was also reported that Poland will allocate €100 million for roads in Ukraine. Repair work should begin by the end of the week. The development and investment of credit funds will be controlled by the Cabinet.

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