The expert explained where Russian fighters could intercept the American drone

The video, which filmed the interception by a fighter of the American unmanned Reaper, appeared on the Internet. It is accompanied by a comment of the pilot in Russian. Some netizens have suggested that the survey was made during aerial reconnaissance, which the American drone conducted near the Russian borders. However, the expert “MK” believes that the video was shot in Syria. American drone shot close to a good resolution. Behind the scenes heard a comment in Russian: “Ku-ku, my little.” It is not clear from which aircraft the video was shot and where. Could the interception take place over the Baltic or the Black Sea, where recorded flights of American reconnaissance drones? Expert in the field of unmanned systems Denis Fedutinov told “MK” that this is unlikely.

-It is known that the United States, as a rule, used to monitor the border areas of Russia strategic unmanned aerial vehicles Global Hawk, based on the Sigonella air base in Italy, – said Denis Fedutinov. – These are high-altitude drones capable of flying at altitudes above commercial air traffic (more than 11-12 km. – “MK”), which is very saturated in the airspace of Europe. The spacecraft mass is nearly seven tons.

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In this case, the video shows a medium-height unmanned aerial vehicle of a long flight duration Reaper weighing about five tons. Moreover, as you can see, on Board the drone placed weapons. The noted features suggest that this survey could be made over the area of warfare, for example in Syria.

In favor of this version is the fact that this kind of video, depicting the convergence of the Russian air force aircraft in the airspace of Syria with unmanned aerial vehicles of other countries, in particular, the coalition forces led by the United States, have previously appeared on various information resources.