The explosion took place in North Korean Kaesong on the border with South Korea

The explosion took place in North Korean Kaesong on the border with South Korea

On the territory of the DPRK in the area of ​​the demilitarized zone, the sounds of explosions were heard and smoke was visible. It is believed that the North Korean military could demolish a joint communications office with South Korea in retaliation for distributing anti-government leaflets.
Two Koreas on the brink of war: a new player enters the arena

Earlier, as Rambler reported, campaign leaflets criticizing the DPRK authorities were sent to North Korea. Experts from the Ministry of Unification of the Republic of Korea said that the dissemination of “agitation” was the initiative of two non-governmental organizations (NGOs): Fighters for a Free Korea and Kinsem. The DPRK authorities announced their readiness to firmly respond to the provocation, saying that the people of North Korea were offended by the behavior of the South Koreans.

On June 16, it became known that the North Korean authorities were seriously considering options for introducing troops into the demilitarized zones, which are a buffer between the two countries. According to media reports, we are talking about areas near the city of Kanson and the Kimansan Mountains, where clashes between the military of the two states have repeatedly occurred. Recently, buffer zones have been used to implement joint projects of the two countries aimed at increasing the tourist attractiveness of the region.
Reporters later said that explosions were heard from the DPRK near the demilitarized zones. The incident was attended by the South Korean military, who announced an audit of the circumstances of the incident. They do not exclude that the explosions could be related to the dismantling of the joint communications office of the North and the South, which Kim Yo Jeong, the first deputy head of the department of the Central Committee of the Labor Party of Korea, promised to destroy to the ground.

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