The former head of the UFO program at the Pentagon is sure that the Earth is visited by aliens

The former head of the UFO program at the Pentagon is sure that the Earth is visited by aliens

A very interesting interview with an expert on UFOs, who until recently headed a special research group at the Pentagon, appeared on the American television channel Fox News.

As you know, a few months ago, the US Department of Defense released the first official video with a UFO, in which several fighter pilots, while patrolling the territory, noticed mysterious alien vehicles. The videos have been analyzed by world-class scientists. On this occasion, even a very detailed scientific article was written. All researchers have come to the conclusion that the flying objects in the video use technologies that surpass any achievements of mankind and also violate the laws of physics during their flights, at least in the form in which mankind knows them.
John Ratcliffe
So is John Ratcliffe, the former head of the UFO program at the Pentagon, who said that the records released by the Pentagon were real. Ratcliffe is sure that representatives of alien civilizations are very active on Earth. According to him, their stay on our planet is not limited to clashes in the sky with fighter pilots and that aliens have hostile plans against humanity. Aliens can easily manipulate weather phenomena and even cause disasters. It is possible that they use these abilities quite often.

John Ratcliffe revealed some more interesting facts about UFOs. According to him, unidentified aircraft can accelerate to incredible speeds in the blink of an eye, maneuver in the air and overcome the sound barrier in complete silence, but at the same time, they can be detected using thermal imaging cameras and radars.

Meanwhile, another famous UFO researcher, Luis Elizondo, has put forward his three theories about the origin of UFOs. The first and unlikely suggestion is that UFOs are secret American technology, the capabilities of which have become known through leaks.

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The second theory assumes that UFOs are the technology of a “foreign enemy” such as Russia or China, which has not been detected by the US intelligence services.

“It would be an unforgivable fiasco for United States intelligence, which would mean that the enemy has technologically bypassed us,”
Elizondo said.

The third theory suggests that the unknown flying objects are alien technology.
Recently, Elon Musk also spoke on the topic of UFOs. The billionaire is horrified by the thought that alien civilizations may not exist, but it is even worse to know that they are somewhere nearby and can visit humanity at any time.

On June 1, an official Pentagon report on UFO sightings in recent years is to be published. Apparently, it will be sensational material that will radically change our understanding of aliens.