The future of "Superjet-100" fell into the zone of poor visibility

The future of “Superjet-100” fell into the zone of poor visibility

On Tuesday it became known that Aeroflot canceled all flights of Superjet-100 from Vilnius to Moscow and back. Some flights of this liner within Russia have also been canceled or postponed. However, the carrier associated this with the temporary closure of the runway in Sheremetyevo.

On the ban of flights “Superjet” — by analogy with the recent ban Boeing 737 Max after two plane crashes, we are not talking. The Minister of transport of the Russian Federation Evgenie Dietrich stated that his office sees no reason for such harsh measures.

Meanwhile, among the possible versions of the accident in Sheremetyevo, the Investigative Committee calls the actions of the pilots when landing the aircraft. At the same time, other factors are considered: aircraft malfunction, dispatchers ‘ actions, adverse weather conditions, etc.

Anyway, the massive loss of life in the Sheremetyevo has influenced the mindset of potential passengers. The Network has a petition calling to ban the operation of the liner at the time of the investigation. “I do not want to be meat,” the authors write. At the moment, the petition was signed by about 142 thousand people.

The understandable anxiety of passengers and shared some carriers. So, the airline “Yamal” after the incident in Sheremetyevo refused to purchase 10 more of these machines, citing high costs. At the same time, the company will continue to operate the existing 15 “Superjets”.Thus, the efforts of the state to promote the project of the domestic short-haul aircraft are unlikely to give the proper return. Earlier, the government provided PJSC “State transport leasing company” with a subsidy of about 10 billion rubles for the purchase of “Superjet”. Now, you may need additional injections.

Valentina Matvienko said that the state’s investments in the creation and promotion of the Superjet were ineffective.

“Why can’t a great aviation country develop a normal regional passenger plane? That made the “Superjet”, but who needs it? It is not suitable for regional traffic. In “Aeroflot” he stands at the side. Abroad no one buys it. The plane is actually 80%, if not more, foreign”, — swore the head of the Federation Council.

Indeed, things that have “Superjet” abroad are not going well. There was information about the refusal of the Russian liner of the only European carrier — the Irish company CityJet. In Mexico, the airline was forced to disassemble part of the aircraft for parts, and the contract with Iran was disrupted due to the ban of us Congress – the share of American parts is too high.

What will happen to the plane now?

The Executive Director of the Society of independent accident investigators Alexander Postnikov urged to distinguish between safety issues and the economic feasibility of the operation of the liner.

— You don’t have to stop the Superjet. If the BMW car at a speed of 180 kilometers per hour crashes into a pole, it does not mean that BMW — a bad car.

“SP”: — However, people are afraid to fly. Even wrote a petition, almost 150 thousand people signed it put…

— It is possible to tell only that we in Russia have 150 thousand … (not understanding that occurs, people — a bus.).

“SP”: — Judging by the statements of the RF IC, the dominant version is the human factor…

In the event of a disaster at the airport to talk about a “dominant” version wrong. Dominant versions do not exist in principle. There is a set of factors that combined lead to trouble. You need to look at everything together and make a conclusion about what specifically affected. There is no bad weather, there is bad weather.

Lightning in the plane just does not get. We need to look carefully at how the crew bypassed the storm front, how he reacted to the “flare”. The crews have information about where they can meet storm clouds. And even if the lightning hit — the world will not turn over. It happens. Something is going to fail, sometimes even pulling out pieces of the design.

“SP”: — Really?

— I myself watched once in Yerevan, as lightning hit the filler neck of the Tu-154. Threw up 60 percent of the top cladding, there is evaporated the residue of fuel, and the matter ended — the plane landed safely. In itself, one phenomenon does not give reason to believe that it was the cause of the disaster. It is necessary to consider all the factors together.

It is unclear why it was necessary to hurry and return to the airport of departure? I had to calm down and look carefully at what was happening. Moreover, it was possible to land at a reserve airport in St. Petersburg. But the crew, wherever he sat, had to take into account the landing weight. The lighter the better. There are standards.

If there is no emergency drain, then you need to cut circles in the waiting area to burn the excess fuel and try to sit down, but without exceeding the landing weight. Superjet” it all started with the disaster. Unfortunately…

— Yes, he had in his history one extremely unpleasant accident in Indonesia during a demonstration flight. Hit a mountain. The reason was the unsuccessful preparation for the flight on the route — arrogance and poor coordination with Indonesian air traffic controllers. That is, it was not the problem of the aircraft. Neither aircraft design nor engine will be the catastrophe had nothing to do.

“SP”: — As a state of emergency in the Sheremetyevo will affect the future of our ship?

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— Any serious trouble has an image impact on the project. On the idea of “Superjet-100” is very successful. On thwart. unfortunately, his creation had to on time, when all crumbled, p. A result is a plane that has a lot of problems. But they are secondary and are connected with the fact that our Russian aviation industry is too young to implement such serious international projects.

Superjet-100 is not a Russian aircraft. Of course, it is made under our brand, but in fact, it is an aircraft with imported engines, with imported electronics, etc. Certain shortcomings and omissions were made, which led to not very successful commissioning. There were failures of units in flights, which led to downtime, as for this aircraft was not an established after-sales service system.

It was inconvenient to operate this aircraft. And the rate of flight in 3-4 hours a day is a failed indicator. Airlines need to make the plane fly but did not expect any strip from France. Deeper import substitution would be useful for the project. But it is not enough to call a beautiful word, it is also necessary to implement. Our companies should have done this many years ago, but nothing has been done to date.

The regularity of flights, downtime is very important for airlines. This characterizes the reliability of the Superjet-100 operation and its economic prospects. However, this is not directly related to security.

— The project “Superjet” should be supported, because it spent mountains of Finance. This is a gold plane, — says the former Deputy Minister of civil aviation (1983-1991), honored pilot of the USSR, Chairman of the civil aviation Commission of the Public Council of Rostransnadzor Oleg Smirnov — And all this has paid the state out of our pocket — from the budget. Therefore, the state, albeit in convulsions, continues to support it, because it is necessary to get the return from the huge investments in the development and organization of production.

“SP”: — Did not the state initially understand what the payback period of the project will be?

— The plan, which was presented to the President of the Russian Federation, was incorrect. Representatives of the UAC promised that 85% of the aircraft will be sold abroad for foreign currency, and 15% will go to the Russian market. Well, where’s the 85%? It turns out, by hook or by crook pumped a lot of money from the budget.

Now, most of the aircraft are operated in our domestic market. Nobody takes them abroad. Of course, the “Aeroflot” operates “Superjets”. But it’s a state-owned company. The others look at him with indifference, because “Superjet” — not a competitor “Boeing” and “Airbus”. But the state is right to try to return at least some money.

In the same “Aeroflot” total flight of foreign Airliners 300-400 hours per month, and “Superjet” 150-180 hours per month.

“SP”: — Why?

— Most of the components in the “Superjet” Western. This means that the search for a new part takes a very long time. Any spare part must first be ordered, then delivered. It’s long and expensive. Faulty “Superjet” to put to the fence. And the standing plane is always the financial noose for the airlines.

In “Boeing” or “Erbas” in the agreement, it is written that any spare part is delivered to any point of the Earth within a day. We still have not been able to organize at the proper level of after-sales maintenance. Because when people live on free budget money, they do not need to worry about the future.

“SP”: — is Amazing impotence. Especially against the background of developed civil aviation in the Soviet period…

— Then we had about 15 thousand aircraft, 1,400 airfields, the system of training of both internal and external personnel. And ruined it all with the filing of Yegor Gaidar, who agreed with Boeing on the supply of their ships. Now 95% of passenger traffic is carried out on Western Airliners. This means that we buy planes, spare parts, and simulators for foreign currency. Despite the fact that tickets are sold for rubles. And at the current rate of rubles is not enough to convert into lease payments.
This is not only a negative impact on the economy but also a matter of national security. Everywhere in the world, civil aviation is the “hot reserve” of the armed forces. So do we. During the war it was useful — changed shoulder straps and set other tasks. What about now? This is all very serious.

Denis Frolov, head of commercial practice at BMS Law Firm, reminded me that the approach to aircraft operating in the military sphere is much stricter than in civil aviation.

— If the investigation or the Commission, which investigates the crash, will establish that the cause was a technical malfunction of the aircraft, and may prohibit the operation of this type of aircraft until the end of the investigation. As in the United States banned the operation of the Boeing 737 Max model after a recent accident. The ban is valid until the causes of the accident.

With military aircraft in the event of a crash for any reason of any aircraft belonging to the Ministry of defense, it is prohibited automatically by default the operation of this type of aircraft until the causes of the crash are clarified.

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