The Gates Foundation is silent and people are dying: A doctor in the USA has pointed out frightening details in COVID-19 therapy

A doctor in the USA has pointed out frightening details in COVID-19 therapy

Dr. Shiva Ayadurai lives on Next News Network drew attention to the frightening details in the treatment COVID-19. According to him, while the gates Foundation is silent, people continue to die.

Dr. Shiva Ayadurai lives on Next News Network stated that he would like to open your eyes to what anybody in the US wanted to spit on other people’s lives. He described the situation, having your own experience with patients COVID-19.

“Let us remember our four groups. First, those who just picked up COVID. That is, they have diagnosed COVID-19 the results of the test for antibodies or PCR tests. The second group immunocompetent. But there is a third group that deserves close attention: those who now is in hospital in serious, critical condition. And, as mentioned in yesterday’s report by US News, most of those who are on the ventilator, namely, 95% will die. How so?” asked the expert.

To understand, he said, should apply to basic science, which is the silent gates Foundation and Fauci.

“Which are silent and those farmacule that are floating around trump. Refer to simple physical principles. So people seriously ill. How they came to such a state? The first rule of diagnostics – check the immune response. In 99% of cases, it is broken. Something happened to their immune system. What next, do you think? Remember, if all cylinders of our immune engine cease to work smoothly, some of them are an overreaction – the cytokine storm. Our macrophages and T-lymphocytes stop working as it should be compromised. And we still have TNF-alpha, there are ИЛ1-beta. Are cytokines, or guns that can give giperreakcia and begin to attack its own tissues of our lungs,” explains processes in the body Madurai.

He then proposes to look at how this process takes place in the individual alveolus.

“Imagine that I’m holding a red ball, through which the body gets air, oxygen. This oxygen goes into the capillaries, which in return give up carbon dioxide. So in our body, fresh blood. This gas exchange occurs in the alveolus. Suddenly swoops cytokine storm. What will happen now? And that’s what. The storm provokes the swelling, and our poor beautiful alveolus becomes filled with edematous fluid,” says the doctor.

Once the patient in this condition is connected to a ventilator, there is a further reaction. But here too not all so is simple, the expert emphasizes.

“Imagine, we have a small ball, and it is filled halfway with water. Tense our memory and remember all the forgotten for Boyle’s law: pressure inversely proportional to volume. The volume has dropped. At the same time increased what? Right, pressure. So we connected the man to a ventilator, which is an only high pressure and produces, and we have the body and have beaten the cytokine storm and filled with liquid. In the end, the high pressure starts to rise, exacerbating the effects of the cytokine storm. The body is falling apart” – explains Ayadurai.

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According to him, the iron-containing group in this case literally fly away, and, as you know, all red blood cells contain glands in the form of semigroup – hemoglobin plus iron, ventilation also causes oxidation, causing oxidative stress.

“I will make another video with the details, but the gist of it. Ventilators kill people, especially the sick. However, hospital authorities this is a huge economic opportunity. Each received ventilator is money. So they pumped up the demand, drive up prices. It is a crime. And the solution of the elementary – vitamin C intravenously. And it’s not a medical prescription or something like that. Even just the literature of worship. Hundreds of articles, hundreds of systematic reviews. Even in the journal of American medicine Association “JAMA”, which actually is a publication of big pharma, even they are cautious, but recognize that vitamin C, even in small concentrations it has a therapeutic effect at the rate of 15 to 30 grams every six hours,” adds the doctor.

In his letter to the President of the United States Donald Trump, he pointed out that to obtain a therapeutic effect within 24 hours, this dose of vitamin C necessary to increase to approximately 100 grams.

“There are three properties. It is a powerful anti-inflammatory, a powerful antioxidant. And, as we know, the ill-fated cytokine storm spawned a whole bunch oxidizing compounds. So, vitamin C it eats them all. It also has immunomodulatory effects. That is able to regulate the chemical processes at the cellular level. For example, it stops the cytokine storm, withdrawing from the system reactive oxygen compounds, which oxidize it. Finally, it has antiviral activity. It actually stops the replication of RNA and removal of the virus outwards. So why do we have all done wrong? On this issue, I urge you to think everybody who listens to this broadcast” – called Ayadurai.