The girl more than eight years fed only chips and bread.

By | September 24, 2020
The girl more than eight years fed only chips and bread.

In the UK, a girl under ten years old was eating only chips and bread because of an unusual disease. This is reported by Fox News.
Until the age of one and a half, Martha Davis ate the usual food for children of this age. However, later she developed an unusual mental disorder associated with the fear of unusual food.

“She started shouting and shoving food away from herself. I tried to fight it, but over time it only got worse,” said the girl’s mother Julie.
As a result, Martha’s diet narrowed to toast and chips. Julie hoped the problem would be solved by herself when the child goes to school and sees what her peers eat. However, this did not happen.
“She ate two toasts each with butter for breakfast and three for dinner,” said Martha’s mother, noting that the whole time the girl ate only one brand of bread.
The parents of the young British girl decided to go to a hypnotherapist to help her daughter overcome her phobia. Already after the first session, Martha was able to eat pizza crust, and later – vegetables and fruits. A few weeks later, the girl tasted about 50 new dishes and products.