The girl saddled the crocodile and saved her friend from death

The child, riding the crocodile’s attack on his girlfriend, began to grind him with all his might on his back and press his fingers on his eyes. The reptile was forced to retreat.
An 11-year-old girl was able to save her friend, who was grabbed by a crocodile and dragged under the water, Bulawayo 24 reported.

The children were swimming in the river when they were suddenly attacked by a crocodile. The animal grabbed nine-year-old Latoya Muwani by the leg and tried to drag him under the water. The girl started screaming, and her older friend rushed to her aid.

Rebecca Muncombe jumped into the water and swam to the spot where the child and the crocodile were scrambling. There she climbed on the back of the crocodile and began to beat him with her hands, and also tried to get his fingers in the eye. The crocodile could not withstand the attack, shook its jaws and swam away.

The injured girl was taken to the hospital. Medics noted that the child got off relatively easily: Latoya was diagnosed with only minor bruises and wounds.

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It is noted that Nile crocodiles live in the country. Predators are five meters long and very aggressive. Nile crocodiles are capable of attacking large and strong animals such as lion, hippopotamus or African buffalo

Earlier it was reported that the hunter confused a huge crocodile with a log and almost lost his man’s dignity. Also, wrote that a resident of India for an hour fought with the crocodile grabbing her and survived.

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