The Governor of new York warned against the rapid opening of the States

The Governor of new York warned against the rapid opening of the States

Andrew Cuomo explained why he is not going to lift the restrictions previously imposed on the territory of the state

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo on Saturday spoke out against what he called “premature” demands for opening up the economy in various States. Cuomo acknowledged that people face significant difficulties being out of work, but he said there needs to be a greater understanding of how the coronavirus works before easing previously imposed restrictions.

While the governors of about half of the States that make up the United States decided to partially open the economy this weekend, Cuomo said he needed much more information about the development of the pandemic in his state, the hardest-hit by the COVID-19 outbreak, before easing restrictions.

“Even if you are in an unpredictable situation, this does not mean that you should act recklessly. Use the information to determine further actions – not by emotions, not by political motives, not by what people think or feel, but by what we know in terms of facts,” Cuomo said.

Cuomo recalled that approximately 900 new patients with the coronavirus are admitted to New York city hospitals every day, and the fact that authorities do not know the sources of infection. According to the Governor, this is a sufficient reason not to cancel the restrictions previously imposed on the territory of the state.

The Governor also released the preliminary results of the COVID-19 antibody test, which was conducted at the state level and involved about 15,000 people. The survey found that 12.3% of the state’s residents were infected with the coronavirus.

A study conducted about 10 days ago in New York City itself showed that every fifth resident of the city was infected with the virus. The largest number of people with antibodies in their blood live in the Bronx area – about 27.6%.

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New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, despite seeing “positive trends” in his state, including a decline in the number of patients hospitalized with COVID-19, supported Cuomo’s cautious approach.

“The relatives, friends, and neighbors that we have lost are the reason why we can’t rush to restart. We must continue to see the lines move in these directions before we can begin to take back new Jersey and responsibly restart our economy, ” Murphy said, speaking to reporters.

Murphy allowed parks and Golf courses to open for the first time in a month, warning new Jersey residents that they will be closed again if social distance rules are violated there.

As testing increases across the country, the number of detected cases of infection also increases. North Carolina on Saturday reported a record number of new cases – 551, while Puerto Rico also reached a record number-182 infections. In Iowa, new record highs are set for the second day in a row. Overall, 34,000 new infections were detected in the United States on Friday, the highest daily rate since April 24.