The hidden cause of pogroms in the USA is found

By | June 8, 2020
The hidden cause of pogroms in the USA is found

To prevent vandalism in the quarters of American cities, inhabited mainly by blacks, it is necessary to revise the value of the property located in them. The hidden cause of the pogroms in the United States was found by experts at the Brookings Institution, which is described in an article published on the website of the research center.
According to experts, housing and other facilities in areas of African-American residence are greatly underestimated.
“Racism negatively affected the market value of property in areas with black people,” the article says.
Experts believe that this is partly why African Americans mercilessly trash shops and other buildings: “there is nothing special in the destruction of property that is not valued by society.”
“The devaluation of the life of blacks adds fuel to the fire in our cities. In order to convince the Protestants that it is not worth burning buildings, it is necessary to return to their value the share taken away by racism, ”the authors of the material emphasize.
On average, homes in areas of US cities where black people predominate are underestimated by $ 48,000, experts estimated. In the Minneapolis area, where George Floyd was killed by a policeman, homeownership is 21 percent cheaper than comparable properties in white locations in the city. Every year, homes in the “dark” neighborhoods are underestimated in total by $ 156 billion, the article says.
“This money would be enough to organize 4.4 million businesses or to pay 8.1 million people to pay for higher education,” the Brookings Institution concludes.
A wave of protests swept Minneapolis and several other cities in the United States in late May, after the death of African-American George Floyd, who died a few hours after being arrested by force. The rally is accompanied by vandalism, looting, and attacks on the police.

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