The ICC called US sanctions an “unprecedented attack”

By | June 12, 2020
The ICC called US sanctions an

The Hague Criminal Court has responded to Washington’s possible actions against its war crime investigators.

US sanctions against the International Criminal Court (ICC) are an unprecedented attack. This was announced on June 11 at the court in response to the measures announced by Washington.

“The ICC is deeply disappointed by the announcement by the US government of further threats and coercive actions, including financial measures, against the court and its staff. This is the latest in a series of unprecedented attacks on the ICC, an independent international judicial body, as well as the system of international criminal justice of the Rome Statute, which reflects the commitment and cooperation of 123 states participating in the ICC from all regions of the world, ”the judicial body emphasized.

Earlier it was reported that on June 11, US President Donald Trump signed a decree that allowed economic sanctions to be introduced against ICC officers investigating war crimes in Afghanistan.

Trump declared the Hague Tribunal illegal

Recall, the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court is investigating alleged war crimes committed in 2003-2014 in Afghanistan, and the possible involvement of the Taliban, Afghan authorities, US soldiers, and the CIA.

In March of this year, the ICC approved the investigation.

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