The intrigue in the end: Poroshenko tries to quarrel Germany with Russia

Preparing for the resignation of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko tries to finally leave the maximum mark in history. Preferably in the style of Herostratus

On May 10, the day after the Victory Day celebrations, Petro Poroshenko called Angela Merkel with a request to “increase pressure on Russia.” There are two reasons for this strengthening: a meeting of the International Maritime Tribunal and preparation for the issuance of Russian passports to residents of Donbass.

Apparently, Mrs. Merkel reacted to this with some bewilderment – any support for her would be accurately reflected in the press release of the Ukrainian side. And there it is told only that the Chancellor of Germany appreciates “Petro Poroshenko’s personal role in democratic elections and in the introduction of reforms in Ukraine within the last five years”. Because Merkel is well aware that she has no authority to interfere in the activities of the Tribunal, and even more so – in matters of Russian citizenship. The Tribunal, which met just in Hamburg, Germany, is considering the case of the detention of Ukrainian sailors in the Kerch Strait: Moscow and Kiev have very different versions of what happened. The task of returning 24 sailors arrested for illegally crossing the state border, both the outgoing and the elected President of Ukraine is called a priority. Vladimir Zelensky managed to remind of it, even expressing condolences in connection with the accident at the airport of Sheremetyevo.

But if the situation with the sailors is discussed in the Tribunal, the passports are much easier. Any state has the right to dispose of its citizenship as it sees fit, as long as it does not lead to violence, and it seems that Russian passports have not been issued to anyone by force.

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Thus, the grounds for the intervention Germany no, that was, however, clear initially. Now let’s see what he wants In the first place – money. Germany helps Ukraine a lot – for example, a month earlier it allocated almost 85 million euros for the arrangement of persons who left Donbass for the “main” Ukraine (the fate of people who went to Russia, the Germans are not interested).

In the second – to create problems of Russia. Germany is the second largest trading partner of Russia (after China), in 2018 we traded 59.6 billion dollars, and with a very significant increase compared to the previous year. For the current Ukrainian authorities, it is a sharp knife. The blue dream for them is to bring discord into the agreements on the “Nord stream – 2”, but since there is practically no chance of this – at least somehow limit the economic partnership of the two largest countries in Europe. This has already been done in 2014-2016 – during this time, due to sanctions, trade turnover has decreased almost twice. However, it quickly became clear that the interests of Germany and Russia are quite different – in close and friendly cooperation, which is not necessary to go on about Washington and Kiev. Now the United States threatens German companies with sanctions for trade with Russia – this is what Petro Poroshenko hinted Angela Merkel, speaking of “increasing pressure” on our country. In fact, this is not a very skillful blackmail, and Berlin is certainly ready to answer it.

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In the third place to Peter Poroshenko is necessary to determine their own destiny. In Ukraine, he faces criminal prosecution for numerous cases of abuse of power, including the braking of the investigation of the victims of the Maidan. The President has already been called to testify – as a witness so far. Therefore, there is a possibility that Poroshenko will prefer to leave his homeland, as his former ally Mikheil Saakashvili did in the last days of his presidential term. In this regard, Germany looks like the best place for emigration: Poroshenko has good business ties here, and he, a really talented businessman, could start a new life here. By the way, Angela Merkel did not hide her electoral sympathy for Poroshenko – she demonstratively held a big meeting with him between the two rounds of the presidential elections, which even caused some confusion among the partners of the “Iron Chancellor”. It is possible that during this meeting the plans of the President of Ukraine for life after the lost elections were discussed.

In words, Poroshenko is full of optimism and is preparing for parliamentary elections. But the new administration can seriously interfere with his plans by initiating several criminal cases. And then the ex-President will definitely not be up to driving wedges between Russia and Germany.

* * *

In General, it is very sad that just under the ringing of fireworks Victory Ukraine requires Germany to increase pressure on Russia. The possessed Fuhrer lost, but some of his dreams definitely come true…