The Joker was nominated for an Oscar in 16 nominations

The tape and lead actor Joaquin Phoenix was nominated for 16 positions out of 24.
The film studio Warner Bros has nominated the acclaimed film Joker and the lead actor for the Oscar. This is reported on the official page of the company.

The company reportedly nominated director Todd Phillips’ film The Joker in 16 major nominations out of 24.

The film will compete for the titles of “best film” and “best director” and in all technical nominations in particular “best special effects” and “best editing”.

In addition, the lead actor Joaquin Phoenix was nominated for “Best Actor” and Robert De Niro – for “Best Supporting Actor”. Actress Zazie Beatz claims to be “best-supporting actress”.

In what nominations, in fact, will get the Joker, will be known until January 13, 2020, by the decision of the members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts.

Earlier it was reported that the film Joker became the highest-grossing among the pictures with the rating of R. Also the correspondent wrote that the actors vying for the Oscar were named.

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