The Kremlin called the ex-lawyer Trump’s word about Putin a lie.

By | September 8, 2020
The Kremlin called the ex-lawyer Trump's word about Putin a lie.

The Kremlin speaker Dmitry Peskov called the former U.S. president’s lawyer Donald Trump’s claims about the wealth of Russian leader Vladimir Putin a “duck. Michael Cohen wrote about it in his book.

The publication “Traitor: The Real Story of Michael Cohen, former personal attorney to President Donald Trump” has already gone on sale.

“Another duck with which the author wants to add popularity to his books,” Dmitry Peskov said at the request to comment on the alleged “trillion fortune” of Putin, RIA “Novosti”.
In his book, Cohen talked about Trump’s attitude toward Putin, which the U.S. leader allegedly calls “the king” and a man who “wants to do what he does.

Recall that Cohen was sentenced to three years in prison for financial and other violations. In May, he was released under house arrest in connection with the Coronavirus epidemic. However, after that, Cohen began appearing in the streets of New York City and in local restaurants. He was taken back to prison on July 9. The court subsequently ordered Cohen to be released again.

Cohen had previously sharply criticized Trump and claimed that in the past he had helped Trump solve bad problems, including paying for his silence to women who said they had ties to Trump. Cohen was convicted of campaign finance violations, as well as lying to Congress in an effort to protect Trump and himself.