The Kremlin was caught interfering in the elections in South Africa

Operatives from Russia planned to intervene in the parliamentary elections of the Republic of South Africa. In particular, they wanted to strengthen the position of the ruling party “African National Congress” (ANC).
This is evidenced by the documents that were in the hands of The Guardian.

They were prepared by an organization associated with Russian businessman Yevgeny Prigozhin, who is also called “Vladimir Putin’s cook”. They described a campaign aimed at strengthening “support for the ruling ANC before the elections”, as well as “discredit” the Pro-Western party “Democratic Alliance”. Voting in South Africa took place on Tuesday. And this is the sixth election campaign in the country after the first free elections in 1994.

Since that year, ANC has held power in its hands. However, the political force faced widespread discontent of voters, who were angered by a series of corruption scandals, as well as power outages, inflation and unemployment. No one doubts that the ANC will retain the majority in the Parliament and acting President Cyril Ramaphosa will get a new mandate.

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However, even supporters say that he should try to stop the decline in popularity of the ANC if he really wants to implement the promised reforms. The plan to intervene in the elections in South Africa coordinated political strategist from Russia Peter Bychkov, who works for Prigogine.

The disinformation campaign was carried out by a Russian non-governmental organization called the Association for free research and international cooperation. Documents show that in February Bychkov sent a small team of political analysts from St. Petersburg to South Africa. This is the first time that the network of “Putin’s chef” operated in the country.