The language was pulled: the court prohibited Zelensky from speaking Russian.

By | October 9, 2020
The language was pulled: the court prohibited Zelensky from speaking Russian.

Language reform in Ukraine has reached the head of state. At the beginning of his presidency, Vladimir Zelensky pleasantly surprised many with public speeches in Russian. And some, on the contrary, were outraged, and some even went to court.

The Ukrainian school no longer teaches in Russian, but life continues to teach lessons. Lessons for using Russian in Ukraine. This time the head of state himself received a reprimand. The country’s Supreme Court obliged Vladimir Zelensky to speak only Ukrainian while performing his official duties. This was the decision on the suit of one of the citizens, who was insulted by the Russian-speaking speeches of Zelensky on May 23, 2019, at the forum of Internet activists iForum. To be more precise, the original suit was not satisfied, but on appeal, the verdict was rendered in favor of the complainant.

And what is this “crime” to the president of the country now? Nothing, he got off with a slight fright: the court stated that Zelensky was not carrying a legal one, but a political one for “misconduct”. And her Ukrainian leader had already suffered, breading the grievances of ardent nationalists.

On the whole, the court’s decision was quite expected, and no one in Ukraine canceled the Russophobic policy in all its manifestations. Since September 1, 2020, there have been no Russian schools there, though for millions of the country’s residents this language was and still is a native one. At the same time, schools with teaching in the languages of the European Union will continue to operate for another three years. Although there are those who are already tired of fighting against the Russian language with all its “decoratriotism”. For example, some bookstores, which tried to trade mostly in Ukrainian, have to expand their assortment in Russian in order to survive – demand gives birth to supply, the law of the market.
And in the story with Vladimir Zelensky, everything is simple: part of the population will finally stop understanding him. And not in the sense of state policy, but literally – will not understand what he says in Ukrainian.