“The last Nazi criminal” was convicted in Germany

By | July 23, 2020

In his closing remarks, the former concentration camp worker apologized to those “who went through this mad hell.”

In Germany, the trial of the former 93-year-old guard of the Nazi “death camp” Stutthof Bruno D. has come to an end. Deutsche Welle reports. some of whom died of disease, but the rest were killed by the Nazis.

The plaintiffs were about 40 Holocaust survivors and relatives of the victims.

The lawsuit against the SS guard was considered by the juvenile court, because when Bruno D. entered the service of the Nazis in August 1944, he was 17 years old.

He himself denied his involvement in the killings and insisted that he performed only a security function, but the prosecutor’s office did not take this into account.

“When you are involved in the mechanisms of mass murder, it is not enough just to look away,” says prosecutor Lars Mahnke’s documents.

According to him, the camp guards knew perfectly well what was happening inside, polka communicated with the prisoners and prevented their escape. Bruno D. himself admitted – he knew that there are gas chambers in Stutthof.

“Today I would like to apologize to those who have gone through this crazy hell, and their relatives – nothing like this should ever happen again,” the accused said in his last word.

Journalists call this trial “the last case of the Holocaust” because the age of all the other Nazi criminals who were put on trial – 95-year-old Johann R. and 96-year-old Hubert Z. – does not imply their participation in the trial.

Earlier it was reported that the 95-year-old former orderly of Auschwitz will stand trial in Germany on charges of complicity in the murder of 3,681 people.

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