The latest Russian tank T-14 Armata was destroyed in Syria

The latest Russian tank T-14 Armata was destroyed in Syria

The loss of the experimental machine was reported by the media.

On May 2, a number of Russian publications published reports that the Russian T-14 Armata tank was destroyed during the fighting in Syria. This combat vehicle is currently undergoing tests before being adopted by the RF Armed Forces.

The lost tank was allegedly one of the 5 vehicles that had previously been sent to Syria for testing in combat conditions, which, in turn, was told in an interview in April by the head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov.

In the Russian-language segment of the Internet and on the Yandex. News portal, the online publication, citing sources among the militants, became the source of news about the destruction of “Almaty”. At the same time, the publication does not cite any serious evidence that this event really happened.

Given the fact that Syrian fighters are actively using anti-tank missile systems (ATGMs), theoretically, one of the Russian T-14s could really be damaged by their fire. However, in the full “destruction” of the tank (namely, it is reported) – it is hard to believe. For many years, the previous generation of Russian tanks, the T-90, has been actively fighting in Syria; these vehicles were repeatedly hit by ATGM and grenade launchers and received damage, but the expense of destroyed equipment is only a few

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