The leader of the cell “Al-qaeda” was detained in the U.S.

A man has been arrested in Arizona at the request of Iraqi authorities, where he is suspected of terrorism.
A Phoenix resident has been detained in the US state of Arizona on suspicion of terrorism. According to the State Prosecutor’s Office, the detainee is one of the ringleaders of the terrorist network “Al-Kaida” operating in Iraq.
Yousef Ahmed al-Nuri, 42, was reportedly arrested at the request of the Iraqi authorities at the end of January. In that country, he was accused, among other things, of involvement in the murder of two police officers in 2006.

The Iraqi authorities believe that al-Nuri was the ringleader of one of the Al-Kaida cells operating in the country and carrying out attacks on the security forces. A U.S. court will consider the extradition of al-Nuri to Iraq.

The prosecutor’s office does not specify when al-Nuri came to the U.S. or what status he is in that country.

Earlier, the media reported that the U.S. had killed the leader of al-Qaeda in Yemen.

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