The leadership of Naftogaz of Ukraine is accused of state treason.

By | October 8, 2020
The leadership of Naftogaz of Ukraine is accused of state treason.

The leadership of the Naftogaz of Ukraine national company is accused of high treason. Andrey Kobolev, chairman of the company’s board, told Gromadskiy Radio.

“The case concerns the activity of the company’s management. But it is difficult to investigate the activity of the management without the name of Kobolev. It is based on accusations of high treason. When it was opened, I do not know. I got the papers on it today,” the head of Naftogaz Ukrainy said.

Andrey Kobolev did not specify what the leadership of the national company is accused of, but added: “We have nothing to hide. And we are absolutely open on the state audit of the debt reserve and all other issues”.

As “Mirror of the week” specifies, according to the conclusions of the State Audit Service, direct losses of the company due to financial violations amounted to 75 billion UAH ($ 2.67 billion). According to the forecasts of the Ministry of Finance, in the next four years, Naftogaz Group’s losses will exceed 21 billion UAH. The national company said it did not agree with the conclusions of the State Audit Service.

Earlier, in early 2018, the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine imposed two personal fines of 8.3 billion UAH ($ 307 million) on the head of “Naftogaz of Ukraine” Andrey Kobolev. This was announced then by the chairman of the board of the Ukrainian national company himself, posting on Facebook copies of the decisions sent to him by the tax authorities. The reason is that Andriy Kobolev did not provide an opportunity to submit a tax customs declaration with a full package of accompanying documents. The point is that the Donbas is still the territory of Ukraine for the tax service of Ukraine. Therefore, a gas supplied to the south-east of the country by Gazprom is considered imported and Naftogaz of Ukraine is obliged to ensure its customs clearance but did not do so. Then Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko demanded to check the validity of the claims.

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