The legendary Hummer comes back in a new appearance

The legendary Hummer comes back in a new appearance

The legendary Hummer brand will be “reborn” in the form of an electric super pickup truck. The car was created by the GMC company. Already next fall, the model Hummer EV Edition 1 will be on sale.

The debut version will be equipped with three electric power units with a total capacity of 1000 horses. The torque will be 15592 Nm, and in order to accelerate to the “hundred”, the massive car will take only 3 seconds.

Battery pack Ultium will allow Hummer EV Edition 1 to overcome 560 km. In this case, a 10-minute recharge will be enough for another 160 km of mileage. The cost of the first model of electric “Hummer” will be from 112 595 U.S. dollars.

It should be noted that the famous super pickup truck received a number of advanced technologies. For example, the CrabWalk mode will allow the car to move on a diagonal, and on difficult sections of the way, you can lift the body as much as possible thanks to the pneumatic suspension, adjustable through the option Extract Mode. In addition, there is the SuperCruise autopilot mode, digital dashboard, Bose audio system with 14 speakers, and UltraVision camera system, which provides a view from 18 different angles.

According to the developers’ statement, the range of electric pickups will be expanded with several more models. Thus, in 2022, will come on sale three-engine Hummer EV 3X with a capacity of 800 horses and 480-kilometer run on one charge. Its price will be 99,995 dollars.

Model Hummer EV 2X with two engines, range up to 480 km, and a power of 625 hp, will be released in 2023 and will cost $ 89995. And finally, the Hummer EV 2 with the same number of engines and the same power will be available in 2024. Its mileage, compared to the previous model, will be reduced by 80 km, and the cost will be 79995 dollars.

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