The Louvre has opened its virtual doors to everyone!

The Louvre has opened its virtual doors to everyone!

How long does it take to walk around the Louvre and look at all the exhibits in its halls? It’s hard to say, but one day is definitely not enough. The works of art collected over several centuries attract the eyes of visitors, but they are not so easy to see. For this, many need to pay for a flight to Paris. Thus, the creations of the great masters remained available only for a small part of humanity.

But thanks to new technologies, the administration of the museum managed to digitize the vast majority of items. Now the heritage of the Louvre, 480,000 exhibits, can be seen by everyone. At the same time, the digital gallery contains not only the exhibited works, but also those stored in the storerooms, or temporarily within the walls of the museum. Museum representatives promise that the collection will be supplemented with new files. You can also see the collection of the National Museum of Eugene Delacroix, which is also digitized.

You can look at the masterpieces of sculptural and fine arts, engravings by great masters on the museum’s website. There is also an accurate interactive map that will allow you to walk through the halls of the Louvre and not get lost in them. All possibilities are available both on a computer and on a smartphone. The impressions from such a walk will be the most positive!

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But to get into the Louvre itself is not yet possible. Now it is undergoing restoration and repair work. The museum closed last fall and is not yet accepting visitors. The reason for this was the global coronavirus pandemic, which made it impossible for museums and other public places to operate. When the renovation is over and the restrictions are lifted, the Louvre will once again welcome visitors in all its splendour.