The man refused to shave his beard for the wedding and was supported on the net.

The man refused to shave his beard for the wedding and was supported on the net.

The man told how he refused to shave his beard for the wedding. A Reddit user with the nickname Geauxphish explained that he cares too much about facial vegetation to take this step. The users of the network had such principled support.

The author of the post explained that he should be one of the best men at his cousin’s wedding. The bride organized a common chat at the messenger, where she added her mother. It was she, the future mother-in-law, who demanded that all the best men shaved their beards.

According to Geauxphish, most of them are bald, but with beards. “My beard is part of my style and it is the only hair I can grow. This is why I am proud of them,” he said and refused to shave. The mother of the bride in response emphasized that it is only hair and it will grow back.

“But for me, it is more than ‘just hair’, so I said that I would shave only if she shaved bald, because, in the end, it is ‘just hair’,” the best man resented. He explained that the bride herself did not mind the beard, only her mother.

The users considered it fair to refuse shaving in such a situation. “Guys sometimes spend months and years growing beards, and she wants to get rid of it for two hours of ceremony and photos? No way!” – Bread0987654321 was outraged. According to sillierabbittrix, a beard is not an object of the ceremony to be treated this way. User the_truth_suckss noted that he understands the request to trim and make the beard neat, but not to shave it completely.

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