Nothing will come of it, – confidently commented in Washington the statement of the head of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker on the transfer of oil trade with Iran from dollars to euros. – Any calculations will always remain tied to dollar accounts, therefore, will remain transparent to us Treasury and available for blocking.

It still does not work – with corporate American smile, said the same about the speech of the Foreign Minister of Germany Heiko Maas on the occasion of the beginning of works on creation in Europe of special purpose machinery (SVP), allowing you to circumvent U.S. sanctions.

By the way, not without reason. According to advertising spoilers, it was no less than about creating your own, completely European and for the US, even the invisible functional analog of SWIFT by about October 2018. But even in November, the project did not go beyond the General preliminary talks. And in the first days of January, it became known that instead of SVP formed something called INDEX (a Tool to support trade exchanges).

A month later, some more details surfaced. The organization is indeed officially established. Its holders are three States: France, Germany, and Britain (though only in the role of Chairman of the Supervisory Board). It is headquartered in Paris. The head of INSTAX is the former Director of Commerzbank German Per Fischer. The operating currency is the Euro and the British pound sterling.

There is no full description of the created mechanism in open sources yet, but a number of important conclusions can be drawn from indirect facts. INDEX is not really a full-fledged analog of the interbank settlement system. Rather, it is the development and deep modernization of the clearing scheme. In something similar to the famous barter “oil for food”. Only now, it will feature more medical equipment and pharmacological products.

However, officials, such as the same Maas and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Fifth Republic Jean-Yves Le Drian confidently declare the readiness of the system, after a period of practical running-in, to expand to other activities. Its main advantage is the full legality of operations, which will allow in the near future to establish cooperation with the IAEA and even the UN.

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At the moment, index transactions are not conducted yet. For their implementation, it is necessary to create a kind of mirror response tool in Iran itself. His appointment there is not very understanding, because the process goes too quickly. The operational readiness of the project will probably be reached by mid-summer, and only then it will be possible to judge the degree of its real effectiveness.

However, China, Russia and the majority of medium-sized European companies operating not only in the three above-mentioned areas have already shown interest in INDEX. Although even if it is limited only to them and only in the format of exchange for oil, it is worth remembering that in April 2019, us Secretary of state Mike Pompeo estimated the volume of “oil” losses of Iran in 10 billion dollars a year. If the European scheme is successful, they will flow through it very quickly. They’re not the only ones. Too many Iranian business partners are actively dissatisfied with the tightness of the dollar stranglehold and the unscrupulousness of the American authorities.

Judging by what has happened now, in Washington about this tool to maintain trade exchanges learned something that their former arrogant relaxation was removed as a hand. Although the official American press continues to criticize him very ironically, the hands of official Washington have already reached for the machine gun.

Bloomberg reported on a letter sent to the leadership of the European Union by the administration of us President signed by Deputy Finance Minister Sagala Mandelker, in charge of the Ministry of Finance, financial intelligence and counter-terrorism.

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It’s simple and straightforward. If the INDEX comes into full force, then all persons involved in its creation, no less, will be excluded from the American financial system.

“I strongly advise you to think carefully about how potential sanctions could affect INDEX. Participation in activities that are contrary to us sanctions can lead to serious consequences, including the loss of access to us financial system,” wrote Ms. Mandelker.

In addition, the document explains that the extremely tough financial sanctions will affect any commercial organization that dares to use INDEX bypassing us sanctions against Iran.

Given the sharpness of the wording, the obvious conclusion is that the Europeans really managed to come up with an effective mechanism. And the American authorities really got it, almost to incontinence. If earlier talk about the stagnation of the world dollar system was more academic and long-term forecasting, now there is really a tool that allows you to bypass the dollar really.

Yeah, it’s not perfect yet. Of course, now we are talking only about a highly specialized scheme, focused only on Iran. But in modern aircraft, it is also difficult to recognize the paper bookcase of the Wright brothers, which first took off in December 1903. The main thing is that a lot of companies, corporations, and even countries are looking forward to the opening of the front office.

It remains to check the main thing – the adequacy of the size of Faberge in the most European ruling elite. Because a letter of such content means an actual Declaration of war, and in it with Faberge enemy rarely stand on ceremony. Fundamentally climb into a fight Americans and Europeans, or still some of them under the pretext of deflated – that’s what is now becoming the most interesting