The media learned about the long-standing conflict of Floyd and the cop

The media learned about the long-standing conflict of Floyd and the cop

Both men worked as security guards in the same club and had a conflict, their former colleague said.
African-American George Floyd, who died during the detention, and police officer Derek Chauvin, who was suspected of his murder, had previously had conflicts in a nightclub in which both worked as security guards. This was reported to CBS News by their former colleague David Pinney.

It was previously reported that in 2008, Chauvin received a thank-you medal for disarming a man on the street near the bar El Nuevo Rodeo, where he worked as a security guard in his spare time. Floyd also worked there. True, as the owner of the club said earlier, they worked in different areas and did not intersect.

“They faced their foreheads … This is largely due to the fact that Derek was extremely aggressive in the club with some visitors, and this was a problem,” said Pinney.

According to the channel, the Floyd family believes that the events of May 25, when the African Americans passed away, were partly related to Shovlin’s personal attitude. The family’s lawyer called for convicting the policeman in manslaughter, “because we think he knew who George Floyd was.”

When asked if there could be any doubt that Chauvin knew Floyd, their colleague answered in the negative.

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“No. He knew him … I would say well enough,” said Pinney.

At the same time, the owner of the nightclub where Floyd and Chovin worked, Maya Santamaria said that she had paid Chovin for 17 years to sit in his patrol car in front of the clubhouse, while Floyd worked as a security guard in the club itself. They worked together on Tuesdays, the channel said. When asked if the policeman had problems with blacks, she replied that “he was intimidated” by them.

Recall Floyd died after gross detention by the police. The reaction to the actions of law enforcement officers against the black was a wave of protests in the United States and many countries of the world.
In a number of American cities, stocks grew into riots, acts of vandalism, arson, and robbery. They were accompanied by clashes with security forces.