The merit of vaccination: in Britain, the pandemic has sharply declined

The merit of vaccination: in Britain, the pandemic has sharply declined
The merit of vaccination: in Britain, the pandemic has sharply declined

In Britain, the number of new cases of Covid-19 infection in the last day amounted to only 2.3 thousand, there were only 10 deaths. This is the lowest since September 5, 2020.

True, today’s statistics do not include data for Wales and Northern Ireland in connection with the Easter holiday celebrated on April 4. A day earlier, it became known about 3.4 thousand cases of infection and 10 deaths, which was the minimum since September 14. In the past seven days, on average, the country has recorded less than 40 coronavirus-related deaths per day (44% less compared to the previous seven-day period).

According to the estimates of the British Ministry of Health, a total of 126.8 thousand infected people died in the UK, which is the largest figure in Europe (according to the National Statistical Service, the number of deaths on March 19 exceeded 150 thousand).

More than 4.36 million people have been infected in Britain since the start of the pandemic. However, over the past seven days, about 3.8 thousand new cases per day were detected in the country – almost 30% less compared to last week’s data. The indicator has been falling since January when 50-60 thousand new cases were recorded per day. In mid-March, it continued to decline, despite the lifting of some of the restrictions and the resumption of the work of schools.

Since January 4, quarantine has been in effect throughout the country, which began to weaken on March 8, when schools opened in England. If the trend continues, from April 12, stores that do not sell essential goods, hairdressers and beauty salons, and gyms will open in the country. Pubs, bars, and restaurants will be able to fully resume work no earlier than May 17, and from June 21, most of the remaining restrictions may be lifted.

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In the fight against coronavirus, the authorities attach key importance to the vaccination campaign, which began on December 8, 2020. Vaccinations are given with Pfizer and BioNTech, as well as AstraZeneca. The first major batch of the American Moderna vaccine is due to arrive this month, which was approved by the UK regulator in early January.

The first dose of the vaccine has already been administered to 31.52 million people. This is more than 47% of the population of the kingdom, as well as over 58% of British adults. Only 5.4 million people were vaccinated with the second dose, as the authorities decided to increase the interval between two injections to three months in order to have time to vaccinate as many people as possible.