The most likely scenarios of the Third World War were named by British experts

After the assassination by u.S. special services of Iranian General Kasem Suleimani and the response from Iran, the world seriously thought about the possible beginning of the third world war. British experts from the Daily Express told about Middle Eastern countries whose conflicts can lead to a catastrophe on a global scale.

Scenario 1: U.S. and Iran. Donald Trump’s threats to destroy the country’s cultural and religious values have forced Iran to withdraw from the nuclear deal. Iran has said it is no longer going to tolerate American aggression and will engage in uranium enrichment to protect its citizens. In 2003, the United States declared that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, but still declared war on it. If now they try to pull off the same pattern with Iran, which is really one step away from obtaining nuclear weapons, the world could shake up the global conflict.

Scenario 2: Israel and Iran. The sluggish confrontation between the two Middle Eastern countries has again escalated. Israel, an ally of the United States, threatens to strike Iran at any time if it is dangerous from its neighbor. The war of these states will disrupt oil supplies, and many allied countries will be interested to join the war to win back the “black gold”.

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Scenario 3: Turkey and Syria. The complicated relations between Turkey and Syria have been exacerbated by Turkey’s intervention in the civil war in the territory of the neighboring state. With U.S. permission, Turkey has cleared Kurdish cities on the Syrian border and is actively sponsoring terrorist groups with which Assad’s army is waging war. Turkey is increasingly resolute in open conflict with Syria, while behind the backs of both countries are powerful allies – NATO at Turkey and Russia in Syria. In the event that Russia and NATO are ready to stand up for their wards, the armed conflict between the two small countries can easily escalate into a full-fledged large-scale war.