The movement of Antifa. Whom Trump Blames for Protests

By | June 3, 2020
Antifa. Whom Trump Blames for Protests

Antifa is considered a left-wing extremist anti-fascist movement, which is very active during political conflicts.
Donald Trump accused the Antifa movement of riots and riots in the US. The president is even going to recognize the movement as a terrorist organization.

TP-NEWS figured out what kind of movement it is.

Roots in the 20th century

The anti-fascist movement arose at the end of World War II under the influence of the policies of the Italian dictator Benito Mussolini and his National Fascist Party from the mid-1920s. Then anti-fascist movements appeared in Italy, Germany, and America, and later Antifa emerged from the bosom of these structures.

The first score of this movement was trade unionists and socialist immigrants from Italy. Also, his supporters are the successors of the anti-fascist activists of the 1930s, who committed themselves to resist racism and any other discrimination and achieve equality.

Over time, the movement has become a source of inspiration for activists in many European countries who oppose racism and discrimination. It began to gain popularity in America, but in general, its activity has significantly decreased over the past four decades, although a certain scale of presence remains, and from time to time members of the movement take part in various events.

In America, its backbone was made up of leftists close to the Democratic Party and hostile to the neoconservatives, who are called neo-Nazis, and their main goal is to oppose the right-wing radicals by forming small, isolated groups from each other in different cities of the country that interact through social networks.

Thanks, Trump

Antifa is considered a left-wing extremist anti-fascist movement, which is very active during political conflicts. Despite the stated commitment to peaceful approaches in its activities, sometimes it uses violence, including damage to other people’s property.

The number of anti-fascist supporters in America has risen sharply since President Trump came to power. So, the first such association was created in Portland in 2017 and was called Rose City Antifa.

Members of the movement recognize that their association has neither leaders nor leaders. According to the New York Times, it does not have a clear organizational structure and official statistics, making it difficult to determine the true number of its affiliates, whether inside or outside of America.

In general, according to some experts, Trump’s rise to power brought Antif back to life: they are very enthusiastic in fighting the power represented by the American president using various methods, including violent ones.

Not only Antifa

Antifa in the USA collaborates with a number of other movements with similar ideas, for example, with the Black lives matter (Black lives are important) movement. The conservative US publication TheSpectator writes that at its core, the Black Life movement is important, adheres to revolutionary Marxist ideology. The founders of this movement, Alicia Garza, Opal Tometi, and Patrice Kallors, call themselves Marxists. “They need a change of regime and the destruction of the rule of law. Antifa collaborates with the Black Life movement, which is important in helping strengthen the split in society, ”writes a publication close to Trump.

Deny failing?

According to analysts, Trump himself has no right to rank the movement as a terrorist organization. “Even if such a bill is drafted, it would conflict with the first constitutional amendment regarding freedom of speech,” said Professor Mary McCord, a former US Department of Justice official.

Antifa is not the only force responsible for the current unstable situation in America, as calls for protest have been echoed by the widest sections of society, which is in harmony with criticism of the policies of the Trump administration.

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