The network reacted to the “killed” by bloggers dealer Toyota Land Cruiser 200

Toyota Land Cruiser 200

Bloggers from the channel Black and White Team decided to test on the severe off-road new Toyota Land Cruiser 200, issued to them by the official dealer center for a test drive and brought the SUV into a wooded area, where recently there was heavy rain. “We have no right to make a mistake, there is no one to pull us out,” commented one of the bloggers. “Bitwoka” successfully overcame a mash of dirt on the roads in this pine forest, passed and ordinary puddles, and deeper ford. “Toyota Land Cruiser 200” even managed to climb the track with a deep rut on the hill, not seated on the “belly” and cope with diagonal hanging in the most unexpected and dangerous places. “As scary as it was, nothing has ever been touched,” boasted the driver of the Toyota LC 200. But on the descent into the next deep puddle of the 200th “Cruzak” suddenly hit the bottom and got up as dug – it turned out, the protection of the tank as much bent, and almost broke the pallet. However, this did not stop bloggers from continuing the “rollercoasters.

The network reacted to the "killed" by bloggers dealer Toyota Land Cruiser 200

” One of them even stated that the owners of the Toyota Land Cruiser 200 can safely go fishing in the rain without fear of getting stuck on the way there or back. Indeed, in one of the deep puddles of “Cruzak” stuck seriously, long towing in place. When the bloggers decided that the trip had come to an end, one of them had the idea to remind the driver to turn on the system of off-road assistance Crawl Control, which is equipped with the new “Two Hundred” – and the SUV really began to get out of the pit with the help of electronics .
Users of the network reacted to the “killed” by bloggers Toyota Land Cruiser 200 in comments – some were delighted with the possibilities of “Two Hundred, others were outraged by the actions of the authors who “abused” “Toyota Land Cruiser 200”. “The car won’t give you any more,” one of the subscribers summed up, adding that the bloggers turned the SUV into junk. The next wrote that he sympathizes with the one who will buy this copy after such a thing. “I look and cry,” added a third

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