The networks drew attention to the “stuffing” in the U.S. elections.

The networks drew attention to the

The network noticed strange schedules with the distribution of votes in the U.S. presidential elections. The images were noticed by Twitter users, as well as several media outlets, including RT.

The graphs show a sharp jump in the number of votes cast for Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden. Similar figures can be seen in Wisconsin and Michigan states.

The networks drew attention to the "stuffing" in the U.S. elections.

Many Twitter users saw this as a sign of ballot stuffing. They indicate that out of 100 thousand new votes no one left the incumbent president Donald Trump.

The Wisconsin election committee said the vote was in full compliance with the law. Experts explain the strangeness of the images by the fact that more than 100 thousand ballots were counted overnight, sent by mail from the city of Milwaukee, T.Earlier Trump said it was strange to see Biden suddenly ahead of him in several states. According to him, his advantage “began to magically disappear when unexpected piles of ballots were counted.

November 3 was the day of general elections in the USA. Citizens elected the president and vice president, 35 senators, the whole House of Representatives, 13 governors, and representatives of local authorities.

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Officially, the vote count is not yet complete; in many states, the difference between candidates is a tenth of a percent. So far, Biden has 238 votes and Trump has 213. Despite the fact that the final results of the presidential election are not yet in place, Trump has already congratulated his voters on the victory. Biden’s headquarters also expressed confidence in his victory.