The number of victims of the terrorist attack in Kabul increased to 24

The number of victims of the terrorist attack in Kabul increased to 24

The hospital was first attacked by a suicide bomber with explosives on his belt, later another explosion occurred in the building.
The specified death toll as a result of the attack on a hospital in Kabul reached 25 people, of which 24 are patients and doctors. On Wednesday, May 13, said the local television channel TOLOnews.
According to him, as a result of the terrorist attack, 22 women and two newborns were killed, as well as one police officer. In addition, a suicide bomber killed a bomb on his belt in a hospital building.
The attack on the hospital occurred on the morning of May 12, most of the staff and patients did not have time to leave the building. First, an explosion thundered at the entrance, then armed people burst into the building.
Eyewitnesses reported shots inside and another explosion. According to preliminary data, five people were killed as a result, four more were injured. Later, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Afghanistan informed about 13 dead.
The clinic, which has become the target of the attack, is supported by the international humanitarian organization Doctors Without Borders.
As previously reported, in Afghanistan, a suicide bomber launched an explosion during a funeral procession. As a result, 24 people died and about 60 were injured.

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